Friends —

You may remember that last year we took over the “Basket Brigade”” charity here in St. George and had the opportunity to deliver Thanksgiving to 200+ nominated families! It was incredible.

And guess what? It’s time to do it again! WILL YOU PLEASE HELP?

  1. There are families in need who have not been nominated. PLEASE NOMINATE a family in need HERE. What does "in need" mean? If you think for even a second that they're in need, they're in need!
  2. If you're able to feed a family, please do so HERE. It's just $45 to have a full Thanksgiving meal delivered to a family. And … we'll be sending you an amazing gift (see here) for doing so!

Here’s (just one) of the messages we received from families who received a basket last year:

“It was a very, very nice surprise to get this thoughtful basket. Thank you for everyone who put in the love, time, thought, and money to make this happen. It was humbling to see we were number 171 on the envelope and to think of how many baskets had been delivered. Super clever with the use of the laundry basket, we used it yesterday :) Thank you again and we will be paying it forward.”

-Love, a grateful family.

We know it’s a busy time, please take just a moment to nominate a family who will be forever grateful!

-Jeremy Larkin, Basket Brigade Chairman

PS — The event is NEXT WEEK so please don’t delay!