Greetings Friends and Clients, 

What kid, middle-aged kid, little kid doesn’t want to ride their two-wheeler, one-wheeler, four-wheeler, roller blades, skates, scooters, or bikes on a brand-new road? It’s just pure joy. 

And who hasn’t either uttered, or at least heard, the plight of St. George area home buyers facing rising real estate prices: “This place has become so unaffordable!” We get it. We’re working in it every day. Fortunately we’ve got builders doing their darndest to produce a product folks can afford, and one of those builders is our friends at Sunwood Homes! 

In today’s video we present to you, AHEAD OF EVEN REALTORS, the “Desert Flower” subdivision in Washington, starting at $277k and SUPER DUPER COOL! 

To give you some perspective on just how “affordable” a new home under $300k is, take a look at the average price of a home last month per the Washington County MLS:

That data even includes “cheap” housing products like condos and townhomes. And still, the average price was $382,044!

If you’re not familiar with Sunwood Homes, it’s a family business started originally by Stephen Howcroft well over 30 years go! They’ve literally built thousands of homes in the State of Utah and in recent years determined that St. George was the place for their family. 

Sunwood is now led by Stephen’s son Bret with Stephen still behind the scenes to bring his wisdom and expertise in land development and new construction to the organization. 

We’ve been working with them directly for over a year on their Brookwood subdivision near the Brio / Green Springs area of Washington City. We’ve worked with them to build and sell over a dozen homes and know of their attention to detail and good ole’ fashioned desire to delight the customer! 

When they said “We want to build the best looking, most affordable home in town,” we were an instant “YES!” and Desert Flower was born. 

Our 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-car garage homes start at $277k, 3-bedrooms at $299k, and 4-bedroom, 2,400 square-foot homes at $353k. 

Can’t find a new home  you can afford? Desert Flower. Son, daughter or friend can’t find one? Desert Flower! 

We’d love to see Larkin Group clients getting first dibs on reservations, and we’ve already had eight of our 40 lots reserved! Get on it at

If you’ve got questions, you can easily reply to this email, or call us at 435-990-6767!

In the meantime, stay tuned for our “Grand Opening” event announcement in July. Cheers!

-Jeremy & The Larkin Group

PS – Thank you for your support and votes to help us claim the “Best of Southern Utah” crown 2 years straight! As they say, “we couldn’t do it without you!”