Does the St. George Parade of Homes affect our real estate market? Here’s what we found from a three-year analysis.

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Today’s video comes from atop the iconic Red Hill, looking into the iconic St. George Valley, talking about the iconic St. George Parade of Homes, which is now in its 29th year. It’s an iconic video!

Every February right around President’s Day weekend, as many as 35,000 people from Washington County and all over northern Utah descend upon our community for the Parade of Homes to look at the best and brightest of St. George building.

“As many as 35,000 people come to Washington County for the Parade of Homes.”

They come here also to hit soccer tournaments and enjoy softball and baseball tournaments, and of course to get out of that smog and into this beauty. It was at least 65 degrees on the early February day we shot this video!

The question is, how does it affect St. George real estate?

Often at this time of year, our clients at the Larkin Group reach out and say, “Hey, Jeremy, we want to hold an open house during the Parade of Homes because we think that someone will buy our home.”

The reality is that some time back, we conducted a three-year analysis of home sales between January and April to determine what the Parade of Homes is really doing for or against St. George real estate. We were able to determine the following.

The parade itself during the parade does not really impact St. George real estate in any way, shape, or form unless you are selling a parade home or selling a luxury home very near a parade home.

The long-term benefit later in the spring and into the summer and year after year is that it continues to sell what is so great about living here in St. George. If you’re living in smoggy Logan or Salt Lake City and you come see St. George on an early spring weekend and look at luxury real estate, there’s a great chance that you will eventually purchase a secondary or even primary home here in beautiful Washington County.

If you’ve got questions about your home’s value, I’d say don’t put it on the market just because it’s the Parade of Homes. Put it on the market if it’s time for you to sell your home. If you’ve got more questions, visit us online at or give us a phone call. Now get out and see the parade!

Complete this simple 3-question survey about the local market to win 2 tickets ($30 value) to this year’s parade!