<p style+”text-align: center;”>The Market is steadily growing in the St. George area, and today I’m going to talk about what this means for you.</p>


Friends, clients, and colleagues –

Here’s an update for you on the price of your St. George area home. 

Look at these recent headlines…

>>>“Median price of Southern Utah single family homes up $110,000 since March 2013”, The Spectrum
>>>“St. George, Utah is nation’s fastest growing metro area”,
USA Today

We’re seeing more millennials buying homes, consumer confidence is up, and interest rates are still hovering around 5%, but climbing. 

And get this - in some St. George neighborhoods we’re having all-out bidding wars with multiple offers on a single home for sale. Look at some recent Larkin Group sales:

•    Single Family home on Bulloch St. in Washington City, 9 offers, home sold at $10k over asking price.

•    $500k+ executive home in Green Springs, 2 Buyers bidding against each other, sold for 100% of asking price.

•    Single family home in Ivins, 5 offers, sold at $12k over asking price.

•    St. George townhome, 2-Buyer bidding war sold at $15k over asking price.

Clearly it’s a seller’s market. Supply is not keeping up with demand, not even close. 

Consider that in the four above scenarios alone, (and there are HUNDREDS of those scenarios), 14 home buyers were left looking for a home after the bidding war. Willing, ready and able to purchase a home today. 


This is very comforting to my clients who need to sell their homes at higher prices - especially those recovering from the recession.

In particular, Investor Landlords are making a killing selling their rentals right now and can sit on sidelines until they feel values have adjusted down enough for their comfort.

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, I purchased access to an up-to-date St. George home sale estimator tool that tells you what price your home will sell based on neighborhood sales data.

Here’s a link to that tool: http://www.dixiehomevalue.com/ 
This is a paid service I provide my clients complimentary, which I’m offering free to you, too.

Enter your home address and you’ll get your estimated home selling price based on comparable neighborhood sales.

Now, of course, the calculator can’t see into your home, upgrades, your personal touch. That’s where we come in. 

Simply reply to this email, or call us at 435-215-4533, and tell me the specifics of your home – bedrooms, bathrooms, improvements, and your situation. We’ll happily get you a complete and deadly accurate market analysis for FREE. 

We’ll give you a more accurate price estimate since we know the area and talk to St. George home buyers every day. 

I can also send an email to our home buyer and client database, which is now over 8000 consumers strong, and promote it in advance of hitting the market.

Again, the link to the home value estimator is http://www.dixiehomevalue.com/. You should get the estimate in 60 seconds or less.

Summary? I’m happy to say we have a strong St. George real estate market this summer with MUCH BETTER fundamentals supporting it than existed during the “bubble” of a decade ago. 

If I can help you in any way, just reply to this email or call.

Your St. George real estate consultants,

-Jeremy Larkin & The Larkin Group

PS – Some of you have heard Carl Lamar and Marty & Amy of 99.9 KONY Country, as well as Mike McGary of 890 KDXU, talking about our new “instant offers” program. I’m fielding more questions these days about it. It’s a REAL program that really works for certain Sellers who don’t’ want to hassle with repairing, updating or otherwise getting their home ready for sale. You can check out a bit more detail HERE, or let us know by email that you have questions and we’ll be happy to answer them!