Friends and Clients -
We “sprung” forward, the 10-day forecast shows 70 degrees, and we’re days from the official “first day of spring!”
With the longer days come BBQ’s, post-work bike rides and walks, and the Larkin Group’s Spring buying and selling guides!
Committed to making you the “smartest kids on your block”, highlights from the Spring editions include:
Selling Your Home:
  • You Have More Home Equity Than You Think!
  • What Does Future Hold For Home Prices?
  • Using The KonMari Method to Prepare Your Home For Sale
Selling Guide
Download HERE!
Buying a Home:
  • The Cost of Waiting
  • How Much Do You Need For Down Payment?
  • 4 Tips For Writing a Winning Offer
Buying Guide
Millennial’s Guide To Home Ownership:
  • The “Responsibility Zone"
  • What Holds Millennials Back From Buying?
  • The Net Worth of a Typical Home Owner
Millenial's Guide


As always, the downloads are FREE and require no personal info. You’re welcome😊.
Happy Spring to all,
Jeremy & The Larkin Group