With Mortgage interest rates jumping nearly 3% in less than 2 months, people are asking questions, and rightfully so, about whether a real estate crash is imminent. In our Q1 “Larkin Real Estate Report” webinar we answered these questions, and a dozen more! 

  • Are “Out of State” Buyers still coming in droves?
  • Where are home prices today and how high can they go?
  • Will rising interest rates price EVERYONE out of the market?

Jump to the following time stamps for detailed data that might blow your mind!

  • Southern Utah Title “Good News” Report: 5:01 (direct link here: https://sutc.com/good_news )
  • Are we under or over-built in Southern Utah? 10:17
  • Where specifically are Buyers moving in Southern Utah? 15:30
  • Is a wave of foreclosures coming? 16:51
  • Could prices continue increasing with rising interest rates? 19:00 - 35:00 minutes
  • Home price forecasts: 39:00
  • MORE info on how underbuilt the US housing market is: 40:00
  • Owning a home is best “hedge” against inflation: 42:00
  • What does low housing inventory mean? 49:30
  • What’s next? And wrap up: 52:00

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