I can’t tell you how many families we speak to (mainly “younger folk”) who desperately want to break up with their Landlord and enter the realm of homeownership!

The “American Dream” is still alive and well despite higher home prices and mortgage interest rates. Why? Many reasons. 

1. Homeowners in America have, on average, a 46x higher net worth than renters (wow!).

2. Homeownership provides a slew of tax advantages that renting does not.

3. When renting a home, you do get to live there! So there’s that :) But you’re building your Landlord’s retirement nest egg, not your own!

4. Finally, homeownership provides endless “unquantifiable” benefits like the freedom to do whatever you want to the property (whenever you want), pride of ownership, and locked-in monthly payment costs for the life of your loan!

This is why I’m proud to announce The Larkin Group’s Your First Home workshop series hosted at our ridiculously cool Legacy Corner headquarters at 695 E Tabernacle Street (formerly the Cameo Florist building.)

Check out the video for further details, a funny story about my first rental after getting married, and dates for our next event being held THIS WEEK!

Be sure to share this email or the video with anyone in your world who would like to own a home. The events are FREE, fun, and include a copy of the best-selling book “Your First Home.